We want your unit exam to look like this tomorrow:

So follow the steps below:

1) Rate your Exam topics from most challenging to easiest.

2) Practice Order of Operations

PICK YOUR LEVEL: You must get at least 100 points before moving on. Write all of your work on the paper in front of you. MAKE SURE YOU LABEL THE SECTIONS & NUMBER THE PROBLEMS.
- BASIC Order of Operations
- ADVANCED Order of Operations 

3) Practice Exponents & Square Roots
Make sure you LABEL THE SECTION & Number the problems.
- Exponents  (100 points)
- Square Roots  (100 points)

3) Practice BASIC Area & Perimeter: Make sure you LABEL THE SECTION and NUMBER the problem. You must get at least 50 points before moving on. SHOW ALL OF YOUR WORK.
- BASIC Area & Perimeter

4) Go to and complete the exit ticket for the day.

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