I can review for the unit assessment.

  1. Complete the practice on ExitTix

After the assessment, pick one (or more) of the following to work on:

10/29: I can find the Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple!

Take out a sheet of paper, write your name on it, and copy down the problems from the following links:

  1. Create Equivalent Fractions (100 points)
  2. Reduce Fractions (100 ponts)
  3. Solving Equations with variables on both sides (START AT 4 POINT PROBLEMS!) (40 points)

10/14: I can solve multi-step Equations

Take out a piece of paper. Write your name and solving multi-step equations at the top.  Please BOX COMPLETELY any problem (and the work that goes with it) you get INCORRECT.

Complete the following:

  1. One step Equations (20 points)
  2. Two step Equations (20 points)
  3. Multi-step Equations (50 points)
NOTE: Are you getting frustrated? Not getting the correct answer?
  • Try a 4-point problem
  • Go back to one (or two) step equations
  • Ask your partner
  • Raise your hand for the teacher's help

10/11: AFTER QUIZ: Solving Equations

After completing the unit 2 quiz, take out a sheet of paper, write your name, and copy the problems down for credit. Earn 50 points for each topic.

  1. One Step Equations (50 POINTS)
  2. Two Step Equations (50 POINTS)
  3. Go to your mental math dash and practice any skill you need to.